Classic Trucks Magazine - October 2006
'Without Wings' One Piece Products' Exclusive '73-'87 C-10 Side Glass

Classic Trucks Magazine - 'Without Wings' - Window Conversion Kit Classic Trucks Magazine By Rob Fortier
Classic Trucks Magazine - October 2006 Issue

Wing windows are cool-literally. Cool is one thing, though, as there are other factors involved with vent wings of any substantial vintage that quickly throw cool onto the fire. For most, the sound of air with the windows up is not cool, unless you've got the AC cranked up full-blast. And where there's air, there's usually water leaking in as well. How cool is that?

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"Up until my vent windows started howling with the wind, I'd never considered eliminating them altogether. But to be honest, I'd never seen a truck of this era without vents, so it wasn't an obvious options...until now, that is."